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Monday, November 8, 2010

Marine Corps Ball

Every year in early November, the Marines at the various U.S. embassies around the world put on a ball - usually the main social event of the year for the Embassy community - to mark the birthday of the Marine Corps.  This year's celebration in Jakarta, marking the 235th birthday of the Marine Corps, took place at the Gran Melia Hotel.  Ted and I hosted a table with Indonesian, American and British/EU friends.  Ambassador Marciel thanked the Marines for their service and read a congratulatory statement from Secretary Clinton.  And then we all cut the rug to Abba (Dancing Queen), the Village People (Y-M-C-A), and others.  Some photos are available at:


  1. I hope the relationship between both country is moving to the positive direction.

  2. It was a fun night. I saw your pictures. I thought that the last photo was funny! Both Ted and Ambassador Marciel were checking their Blackberries at the same time at Marine Ball!!!!