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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pliny Marshall Nickerson

Today, visited the grave in Jakarta of Pliny Marshall Nickerson, an American diplomat who was posted here over 132 years ago.  We got a tip about him from an Australian friend who noticed the grave while attending a ceremony at the cemetery.  I'm inspired to find out more about Nickerson.


  1. I happen to be researching on some paintings that may have a connection to Nickerson. Nickerson seems to have been married to Emma Augusta Blackman in the 1860s. She might have come to Indonesia with her husband, but in 1880 she married Andrew Fraser, whose wife passed away a year earlier. Interesting, huh?

    1. That is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    2. the tombstone of Pliny Marshall Nickerson is at Museum Prasasti,,, located in Central Jakarta, Please come....