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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Remarks at Grandma Davis's Funeral

Grandma was the youngest of my grandparents, by about a decade.  And as many of you know, she and my mom were very close.  So, I got to know her pretty well. 
Many of my memories of growing up include Grandma Davis, and her Canyon Copper Firemist-colored Coupe de Ville, with the RVD plates.  She had arrived. 

As most of you know, she was a force to be reckoned with.  Grandma had her views about things, and she wasn't terribly shy about expressing them - telling you what to do, how things should be. 

But I know that, more than anything, it was because she cared about us; she wanted the best - from people and for people.  She expected a lot.  And she made a difference in many people's lives.

Grandma liked to teach, and she had some favorite maxims that have stuck with us.  Maybe you know them:

“The dog that brings the bone carries the bone;”

“Ain't been no game invented two cain't play;”

“Aunt Jemima done flipped her last pancake; it's a new day.” 

Grandma didn't play.

She was, as Maya Angelou might say, and as Cousins Shirley and Joe said, Phenomenal.  Phenomenal BeeBee. 

There were times when it occurred to me that she might outlive all of us.  And perhaps, in spirit, she will.

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  1. Love it! We need more Grandma's like ur Grandma today, must of our future grannies have tattoes, weave, grills, and bop to rap music.